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Travel Notes | Tenedos

Travel Notes |  Bozcaada

We are in Bozcaada, which is known for its wines obtained from its unique grapes, which we always remember with its ice-cold sea, unique sunset views, iconic windmills and delicious food!

Bozcaada, a 4-5 hour drive from Istanbul, is the perfect getaway for this region. We're talking about a route you might find yourself planning spontaneously.

As food and beverage lovers, our first stop on the island was Vahit'in Yeri in Ayazma Bay. We loved their appetizers and especially the fried octopus that came on top of it.

After enjoying the sea and resting at home, we pack our picnic bags and go to Polente. As the evening sun sets, we accompany our wine & snacks in our cooler bags. Since there is no facility here, do not forget to take your basic needs such as water and various snacks with you.

City Bag

After the evening sun sets in Polente, we come to Battı Balık Bozcaada to enjoy raki and appetizers. The calamari here is our favourite, it is a place where we are very satisfied with its appetizers and service. Although we are incredibly full, we do not leave without eating the cheese desserts they serve with ice cream.

Photos: Coriander et cetera

The main activities to do before returning are: Tasting of island-specific wines at Talay, coffee+dessert break at Shelter Coffee, getting lost in the designer shops in the center and spending the day sipping your drink at Salhane!

We also share the Guide prepared by cilantro and so on for you to save.

🏡 Our accommodation @vineabozcaada A 6-room vineyard house, one of its most important features is that they proudly welcome guests with dogs. If you are planning to go to Bozcaada with your little friends, definitely consider this place. 🐶 #petfriendly

🚐For caravan accommodation & glamping experience @adaperest

🍽A must for Food & Drink Suggestions and Good Food Guide We recommend following the coriander et cetera .

Suggested Flavor Stops of Cilantro and so on:


Belt Bag

🍷Wine Tasting Venues:


🏝Favorite beaches:

Ayazma Bay
Tuzburnu Beach
Sulubahce Beach
Habbele Beach
Beylik Bay
& Aquarium Cove

Phone Strap

Glasses Hanger

photography: Fikret Can Kusadali
Words + Direction: Coriander et cetera

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