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Back to the City | Return to the City: Çukurcuma

Back to the City | Şehre Dönüş: Çukurcuma

Çukurcuma Street, the route where our office and store are located, and Istanbul's time machine!

We like to research where street names come from. The name of Çukurcuma comes from the fact that Fatih Sultan Mehmed performed the first Friday prayer in this hollow region after the conquest of Istanbul.

It is very pleasant to take the pulse of the day with the shopkeepers, wink at the Museum of Innocence, look at the Galata Tower while going down the slope, and walk with the soap smell of the Hamamhane!

The North Fox was designed for such days. walking around the city,
discovering historical architecture, meeting with friends around a delicious table
It has been designed to come and join the past and the present in city life.

The buildings have been transformed, the shops full of antiques have been replaced by more modern design shops and workshops. It was like a synthesis of the old and the new, but still, life on this street is calm, trade seems to be enjoyed, and when you enter the area, you feel as if you are away from worldly affairs.

Photo: Deniz Sabuncu

Points to visit for those who cross the road:

Museum of Innocence

Orhan Kemal Museum

Çukurcuma Hammam & Turkish Bath

Atelier of Painter Avni Akmehmedoğlu, known as Turkish Picasso



Berol Antique

Black Sea Antique

Tombak Antique

Ottoman Ancient Palace

Feraye Antique

Asri Pickle - That famous pickle maker Asri Pickle, where Adile Naşit and Münir Özkul's legendary movie Cheerful Days was shot. They have been serving with their delicious pickles since 1913.

Zenovitch Apartments - Once owned by the Levantines, it is now used as a hotel.

Cukurcuma Meatballs

Corinne Hotel


Deform Music

Local Makers Store

Tote Bag Large

On this route where you travel through time, in the heart of Istanbul, where the old and the new intertwine, where you can be surprised at what welcomes you when you turn from one street to another; The timeless designs of The North Fox; Designed for city living!


Messenger Bag XL

In the fast pace of city life; We are trying to reveal the integrity in simplicity, and to create designs that assert the value of time when everything is consumed at a flashy speed of light.


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