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about us

“Keep it Simple, Keep it Whole”

Modern, urban, functional and timeless...
What we buy tells us!

The clothes we couldn't fit into the closets, the shoes we bought from a different discount every day, the many fabricated products that we thought were too cheap and bought in pairs!

What we receive tells us, determines our story with us. The bonds we form with what we buy because we value it, not for consumption, makes us who we are.

As The North Fox, we try to reveal the integrity in simplicity, and to create designs that assert the value of time when everything is consumed at a flashy speed of light.

Just like in the middle ages, we are building an invisible bridge between the past and the future by taking inspiration from the times when people lived only with leather and adapting it to today's urban women and men. In our design process; We look after what those who can't get away from the city but also stay in nature are looking for, and we reveal exactly what they need.

Even though time flies, we always stay in your memories!
The North Fox; It is a handmade leather workshop established by Interior Architect Ezgi Çoban & Environmental Engineer Yağmur Çoban in Istanbul. Workshop; By using a combination of first class quality genuine leather and wool felt, besides producing products that help city life, it also carries out special design works.

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