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Clarification Text on the Processing of Personal Data

This disclosure statement is about the processing of some of your personal data within the scope of your visit to our website.

1 IDENTITY OF DATA SPECIALIST As Yağmur Çoban (“Our Company” or “We”), we attach utmost importance to the protection of your personal data with the awareness of our capacity as data controller.

2 PROCESSING OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA We collect some of your personal data during your visit to our website at “”. Our personal data processing activities within this scope are explained below.

2.1 Contact Forms You can send us your various personal data by using the contact forms on our website. In this case, your personal data, which will be obtained by automatic methods through the relevant form, will be processed for the purposes of realizing the purpose of the communication and fulfilling the requirements of your request, complaint or suggestion that you have forwarded to us. The legal basis for the collection of your data within this scope will be the exercise of a right, the legitimate interests of our Company and in limited cases your express consent. As a rule, your personal data will not be shared with third parties. However, if the content of your message requires sharing, it may be transferred to the relevant third parties in a limited manner for the purpose.

2.2 Cookies 2.2.1 In General

Various information regarding the visit such as internet protocol (IP) address, pages visited, visit times are processed for all our visitors to our website. The purposes of processing the said data; to provide a better, faster and safer experience and/or new features on our website, to collect statistical information on the use of the site and to make improvements to the site.

Personal Data
Processing Purpose
Legal Basis
Transaction Security (For example IP
Execution of Information Security Processes, Execution of Activities for Customer Satisfaction, Follow-up of Requests / Complaints
expressly stipulated in laws,
address information, visited page information)
Legal obligation, Legitimate interest
Marketing (For example, analytics)
Execution of Goods / Service Sales Processes, Execution of Goods / Services Production and Operation Processes, Execution of Activities for Customer Satisfaction, Execution of Marketing Processes of Products / Services, Execution of Marketing Analysis Studies, Execution of Customer Relationship Management Processes, Follow-up of Requests / Complaints, Advertising / Campaign / Promotion Execution of Processes
Contract, Legitimate interest, Express consent

Personal data is collected through automatic methods, mostly through cookies, during your visit to our website. Personal data within this scope are shared with the service providers and business partners that we provide services such as hosting and analytics for the purposes of accessing the website, obtaining statistical data on visits to the website, and improving the user experience on the website.

2.2.2 Use of Cookies Cookies are small text files saved on your device so that your preferences and some of your information can be remembered on your next visits by the websites you visit.

2.2.3 Blocking Cookies To change your preferences regarding the use of cookies, to block or delete cookies, it is sufficient to change the settings of your internet browser. Thus, you can prevent the saving of cookie files on your device by our website or delete previously saved cookies. However, blocking or deleting cookies may require you to reset your preferences (for example, change your language selection) each time you visit our website, and you may not be able to use some features on our site. You can find the necessary information to turn cookies off in the help pages of your internet browser. You can visit the following pages for frequently used browsers.

    • Chrome: enable or disable cookies
    • Internet Explorer: Deleting and managing cookies
    • Mozilla Firefox: Toggle cookies that websites use to track your preferences

3 METHOD OF COLLECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA Even though your personal data is obtained and processed electronically and through our website mainly by automatic means, there are also non-automatic processing activities in the physical environment in our subsequent physical business processes (for example, cargo shipping).

4 TO WHOM AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE YOUR PERSONAL DATA MAY BE TRANSFERRED The third parties to whom your personal data may be transferred and the purposes of transferring these third parties are stated below. Only the necessary of your personal data will be transferred in a limited way for sharing purposes.

Buyer Group
Transfer Purpose
Natural persons or private legal entities, Suppliers, Business Partners
Execution of Activities in Compliance with the Legislation, Follow-up and Execution of Legal Affairs, Execution of Management Activities, Execution of Activities for Customer Satisfaction, Execution of Marketing Processes of Products / Services
Authorized Public Institutions and Organizations
Execution of Activities in Compliance with Legislation, Follow-up and Execution of Legal Affairs, Execution of Management Activities

5 YOUR RIGHTS REGARDING YOUR PERSONAL DATA You can submit your requests within the scope of Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law, which regulates the rights of the person concerned, to Firuzağa Mahallesi Çukurcuma Cad. No:27/B BEYOĞLU / İSTANBUL in writing or from your e-mail address registered in our system to e-mail address.

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