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The Precautions We Take Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak and Our News

Covid-19 Salgını Nedeniyle Aldığımız Önlemler ve Bizden Haberler

Hello everyone;

With the concern of the increasing number of cases, as of March 16, 2020, we have closed our store until an indefinite date to protect our community and individual health. We will only send your orders through our online shop by packing them, as long as the working routines of the shipping companies do not change. We have organized our working order to protect the most sterile and individual space.

In order to alleviate the burden of cargo companies that continue to work, we only send cargo 1 day a week. Shipping day is Tuesday. We ship with UPS, which avoids close contact and tries to implement all measures against the epidemic with the arrangement of the personnel team .

We have disinfected our workshop & store, and we are working by taking the necessary hygiene measures during packaging.

We do the packaging by ourselves and no one else is inside but one person.

We reach our store from our homes without social contact.

No one's salary is cut, and it is one of our top priorities that our employees do not experience financial difficulties.

We are currently selling our products in stock. To make it easier for you to support us, we run campaigns and try to stay afloat.

While it feels good for us to produce and serve you, it is also a tool for us to pay both our bills and the efforts of our team.

In this process, we learn, we hope. We know that we will meet again at cafes and trainings.

While we are spending our time at home, we are working for our new platform Local Makers . We form a community and think about how we can support each other together.

All our supporters we have; it's you. Thank you very much for your support.

During this time, please take care of yourself and keep your immunity and morale high.

Hope to see you soon in beautiful, bright and healthy days!

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