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What should I get him?

Ona ne Alsam?

Offer your loved ones gifts that they can use for a lifetime with The North Fox's leather and handmade special design products!

Choosing a gift is not always easy. In addition to being made of useful and high quality material, the name or logo to be embroidered on the product you choose with the hot printing technique will enable you to produce a permanent and special gift. While carrying the philosophy of hand production, it will also make you feel the sustainability of the leather material that lives and gets better with age...

So which The North Fox product should you choose?


Favorites of timeless styles are The North Fox Bag Collection; It is designed for those who like a confident attitude that suits their urban stance. Many models with a wide area that fit your daily needs such as your laptop, charger, books, magazines, cameras are waiting for you .

Bag Collection

Travel wallet / Passport Cover for those who love to travel

There is no one who does not like to travel! A travel wallet will be the best gift to give you the news of a vacation you will go on together or to add practicality to a lover who is constantly traveling. The leather travel wallet, which fits all the needs at the airport, has passport, money and credit card sections. You can also embroider the name or coordinates of his favorite country on it!

Passport Covers


Everything you could want from a classic leather wallet is in one place!
This model, which offers functionality and simplicity together with a coin compartment on the inside and an external card holder on the outside, has a total of 6 card compartments and a stylish paper money compartment created by using a lining inside.
The card holder on the front of the wallet can be used separately from the wallet whenever you want. This model is designed in the two most popular colors of The North Fox, aged tan and aged khaki green.

If order is indispensable for his life; Organizer Bag

If she likes to be organized, this bag is for her! You should definitely take a look at our organizer bag, which has a small zippered compartment where you can put your coins or USB, knuckles for pens, an ipad bag apart from the areas where you can put your mobile phone, credit cards and passport. There's even a mini space available! You can also have a special size design compatible with the technological device. He will be the most stylish of the meetings!

Glasses Hanger

Leather Card Holder

If Digital is a Part of the World; Macbook and Ipad Cases

Technological devices are an indispensable part of our digital life. You can use The North Fox's leather covers to carry your computer or iPad at work during the day, while you can use them as a stylish clutch after work. Since no cardboard, primer or adhesive is used inside, your lover will be able to spend time with his gift for a long time in parallel with the life of the main material.

Computer Cases

If he likes to write; Notebook

How about a notebook where he can write, save or sketch his beautiful memories? You can decorate the inside of the notebook with your memories and give it a full gift.
Covers made of solid and leather will be the most stylish shield to your memories!


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