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Eastpak #shewears Tour / Artemis Sunbakanli

Eastpak #shewears Tour / Artemis Günebakanlı

I have great admiration for people who do business by daring to stay out of the sharp lines of offices, plazas that can be entered and exited by scanning cards, and the salary + road + food + insurance formula, no matter how colorful their borders are. Because the hard thing is to keep the control of your life completely in your own hands, to think even 10 years ahead when you can't predict the future, to stay fresh and work day and night, to stay calm in the face of uncertainty without panicking. But the best part is that you have no regrets. To look at the accumulated work like a mountain, not to be lazy, not to curse. Swinging at your own rhythm like a walnut shell among huge waves.

Attending the #shewears tour organized by Eastpak in 10 countries this year, where women who write, draw, produce and share, come together and share their experiences with each other, with the invitation of my dear Çizenbayan, helped me both meet the women whose work I follow and get inspired by their stories. Almost all of them had a word that caught my attention: "get used to". They were not talking about getting used to managing one's own business, long working hours, and exceeding physical and mental limits; what was mentioned was that the people they worked with got used to the idea of ​​working with a woman. In casting workshops, fabric warehouses, in the bureaucracy wheel that you enter while getting the necessary permissions to open a place, the person in front of you does not take you seriously, always tries to teach you your job, does not talk to you about money, always looks for a man next to you, sometimes even openly saying, "My sister, these jobs are not for you. ” is not an exceptional case. The area where women can exist is so clearly defined in the minds of the society that when you do not stay within those boundaries, they try to push you away with a regionalist attitude. But when they find someone who has decided to do a job in front of them and is now on their way for it, over time, they "get used to" you. Meet these inspiring women who change the people they come into contact with while existing with their productions, get them accustomed to the presence of women in every field, and make it a natural practice to struggle with gender inequality that permeates the smallest details of daily life, like breathing. /


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Eastpak #shewears Tour

Eastpak #shewears Tour

GQ - March 2018

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