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Urban Potter Apron

Ceramic Lathe Apron

Two-leg cotton canvas apron with ceramic tone.

Specially designed for the use of ceramic lathes, the legs are wide enough to cover both legs during lathe production.

It is a product designed with the Red Clay Box brand. Hande, the maker of the ceramic product manufacturer Red Clay Box; He informed us in line with his needs and we designed the apron he imagined by coming together with the mottos he dreamed of.

It has adjustable and removable leather straps.

It is produced in one size in 3 colors. Apron length is 150 cm.

It is produced in blue, green and beige colors.

The straps of each color are made of premium quality genuine calf leather with aged brown.

We hope it will be a great gift option for your ceramic lover friends.

Leather is a living material. The scars and wrinkles you can see on the skin surface are from the natural structure of the skin. The tonal differences in its color are the factors that prove its naturalness. This feature of the leather does not affect the durability and reliability of the product and shows its natural beauty. You can see all the traces of nature on it.
Be sure to check out our blog for information on cleaning and maintenance .

There is no customization service on this product.

The product is in stock. It is delivered to the cargo within 1-3 working days after the order.

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