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Leather Phone Strap


The North Fox leather strap, adjustable in length, useful and stylish phone straps; You can safely carry your phone on the road, sports or travel.

It is meticulously handcrafted using genuine leather.

Product sizes: Adjustable length between 122-133 cm

After your order, each product is specially prepared for you.
Depending on the nature of the craftsmanship, each product is unique and unique.

Products are delivered to cargo within 5-7 working days at the latest.

The phone case is not included in the hanger price.

Leather is a living material. The scars and wrinkles you can see on the skin surface are from the natural structure of the skin. The tonal differences in its color are the factors that prove its naturalness. This feature of the leather does not affect the durability and reliability of the product and shows its natural beauty. You can see all the traces of nature on it. Due to the fact that the product is genuine leather, no cardboard, lining or adhesive is used in order to maintain its sustainability.
For information on cleaning and maintenance, be sure to to our blog look at.

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