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Can you tell us a little bit about the character of the brand?

First of all, if we say where the brand is from, we can say that it is from any northern country. Urban man or woman, someone who dresses uniquely, has a different style, is always stylish in simplicity. At the same time, he loves symmetry, geometric patterns and shapes… I can describe him as freedom-loving and sophisticated.

What do you produce under The Northfox brand? Can we say everything is handmade?
Electronic device covers such as computers, tablets, kindle, cable organizers, notebooks - produced for all kinds of use with our many paper options - passport covers, key chains, bookmarks, bag organizers, pen holders, book covers, camera hangers, card holders, make-up We produce products such as bags. All of our products are hand cut and finished by hand sewing or machine sewing.

What kind of materials do you use, apart from the main material "leather"?

Since leather is a long-lasting material, we do not prefer to use fabrics, adhesives or other materials. However, under the name of “Contrast”, which I prepared as a design project, we used leather, which is described as expensive and long-lasting, and felt material, which is described as cheap. We think that it is very popular and that it is an alternative product for those who do not have a budget, besides products with full leather.
Except that one; now we are working on workshop, service aprons. When leather material is considered as clothing, it makes more sense to work on materials such as linen, cotton or canvas fabric, considering the use and seasonal conditions. We also use recyclable craft paper in our notebooks.

Do you give workshops such as making notebooks and wallets from leather?
Yes, we organize workshops within our organization. We organize workshops in workshops where we can be guests, although there is not enough space because I moved the workshop home due to the busyness. In fact, we are currently working on the “Do It Yourself” kit, aiming to bring many products together with the documents and materials describing the construction phase to the enthusiasts.

Recently, interest in craft has increased in our country… Who are your favorite Turkish designers who produce handmade works?
Vozmos by Evren Demirkutlu I like very much the Chivit and Sakin Leather brands, which make their designs on sustainability and present nature under the brand, the Kilimini that adorns our walls, and the handmade products I use.

In general, many people nowadays do many things at the same time. What do you want to do next? Do you think it is possible to make a living by doing this job without mass production?
I am also an Environmental Engineering student and I work as a freelance or volunteer in many respected institutions related to the environment. I don't think of doing engineering when I graduate, but I think that by taking part in institutions where I can produce projects related to the environment, I can continue my life through the department I love and continue the brand that I have established with handwork.
After all, we are not rediscovering America, many people are engaged in craftsmanship, design and leather. I think what differentiates here is the design. On the other hand, your story and the service you provide and how you greet the people who come to you are also very important. I think that a person who aims to earn millions of dollars and gets tired of personal work and sincerity would not choose this kind of business. After doing no harm, I believe that sometimes spiritual values ​​come before material values. Maybe it's like this because I'm young, maybe because I'm not tired enough, but it's like this right now. Even when we look at the state of our country, the topic of "sustaining our lives" can go a long way. Which profession or line of business has a guarantee?

What plays in the background while you're working on a design? Do you have a specific album or playlist?
Let me share now. Due to being busy, I haven't been able to spend much time reading books lately. I discovered something new and now I often listen to books in the workshop. Of course, it does not give the pleasure of touching the paper or reading a book with your inner voice, but it also creates a very different feeling.


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