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Eastpak #shewears Tour / @cizenbayan

Eastpak #shewears Tour / @cizenbayan

At our second stop, Yağmur, the creator of The North Fox, and Güniz, the name behind Yuka, welcomed us. We wanted to have Gülriz, the creator of the Müz, with us, but since she was in Amsterdam for business, she opened her shop for us :) We started our conversation with two designers within the beauties of the Müz. We listened to the difficulties and beauties of being women, their interesting dialogues with masters and their memories from Yağmur, who designs personalized leather accessories, and Güniz, who designs jewelry with brass and semi-precious stones. They are so sweet that they prepared little gifts for us. Then we took them with us and continued our tour.


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Eastpak #shewears Tour

Eastpak #shewears Tour


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